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  • This hair care line is specifically designed for maintaining and protecting bleached or colored hair. It contains antioxidant ingredients that effectively prevent any unwanted bleaching effects. Its formulation is developed to effectively repair and nourish hair that has become dry and fragile as a result of chemical processes. Benefits of the ingredients Bio Restore: Exclusive complex made of bio-cysteine and conditioner agents, specially developed to restore brittle and fragilized hair by chemical processes. Rosemary Extract: With nutrients and antioxidant substances like complex B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium, that fight the free radicals and help to protect the scalp from excessive exposure to the sun, slowing down the early aging of the hair. Lavender Extract: It’s an antioxidant agent that slows down early strand aging. The lavender extract also acts as a relaxing and anti-stress agent on the scalp. Kerafilm: Developed to protect the capillary fiber from external damage, provides nourishing components that act in the strength and shine of the hair. Its high humidifying power protects against hair dryness and softens the strands’ texture. Shea Butter: It is an efficient revitalizer, and provides shine and flexibility to the hair. Helps to fight brittle hair and to retain more humidity. Besides having a solar protective action. Decreases irritation and peeling in the scalp. Violet flowers complex: It has antioxidant properties, an essential oil, resins, tannin, organic acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and shade-repairing mucilage, extracted from lavender, Rosemary, and viola, that provide refreshing and stimulating action to the scalp, besides helping in the yellowish strands’ color neutralizing

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