UNIKA HAIR STRAIGHTHENING SET (Ojon / Green gel / Blue gel )

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    Unika hair straightening is a vegan straightening product that provides natural smoothness through its natural ingredients like amino acids and proteins and they are formaldehyde-free so there will be no smoke or bad smell


    1. Wash your hair with the Unika Ojon Shampoo, wash until complete removal of the product, and get your hair 100% dry.
    2. Use protective gloves. Divide the hair into 4 sections.
    3. Apply Unika ( one of the three ) on the hair, at all its length, using a fine-tooth comb to help spread it. Starting by the back of the head, sides, and finally the top of the head, always 1 cm above the hair root.
    4. Make sure you have applied the product on all surfaces, in the entire length of the hair. If you notice that the capillary fiber is too porous and the product dries quickly, apply more of the product in those specific places and Wait up to 90 minutes.
    5. After that Wash it all,and dry it 100% than use the flat iron until the cuticles are completely sealed.
    6. After completing the procedure described above, Wait for the hair to cool off, go back to the washbasin and wash with warm to cold water.
    7. Apply the Unika Neutralizer, wait 15 minutes and wash the hair. Apply the thermal Protector and get the hair 100% dry with the hairdryer.

    Benefits of the ingredients

    • Seaweed Extract: Protects the scalp while straightens and smoothing the hair.
    • Ojon Oil: Caribbean oil rich in lipids and fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acids*, it has deeply moisturizing properties and restores the lipid layer.
    • Plex: Acts directly on the hair fiber to restore quality, protein, vitamins and amino acids and maintain elasticity. Once the amino acids are arranged together in the same order, Plex reacts with the cysteine present and waits for the hydrogen peroxide to create disulfides, which strengthen the hair
    • Vegetable Keratin: Its low molecular weight amino acid concentration guarantees the high penetration of this protein, an important property for restoring and protecting hair strands. Due to its moisturizing effect, it increases hair hydration and retains moisture in the hair strands.
    • Violet 43: Pigment for tone restoration that avoids the color fading in the hair ( on the blue gel only)
    • Coconut Oil: Excellent emollient agent, rich in fatty acids and vitamins. It creates a protective layer on the hair strands, protecting them from external damage, and unlike other oils, it penetrates deeply in the hair strands.
    • Aloe vera: Aloe vera has nutritional, regenerative, and calming properties, besides being a great source of minerals and hydration to the hair strands and scalp.

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