Unika Hair Anti-Frizz Treatment Set

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Category: Hair straightening
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  • Unika anti frizz hair treatment at home is well-known, and it saves you from recurring problems with your curly and frizzy hair, with smoothing and straighteing the hair up to 40 days without even using an iron. It has natural ingredients such as ojon oil, coconut oil, and vegetable keratin, which helps reduce volume and frizz, leaving the hair silky and smooth

    Benefits of the ingredients

    • Ojon Oil: Caribbean oil is rich in lipids and fatty acids like oleic and linoleic*, with deep hydration properties, restoring the lipid mantle.
    • Coconut Oil: Excellent emollient agent, rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Creates a protective layer on the hair strands, protecting them from external damage, and unlike other oils, it penetrates deeply in the hair strands.
    • Vegetal Keratin: It has an amino acid concentration with low molecular weight, which guarantees that this protein has high penetration power, an essential feature for the recovery and protection of the hair strands. With humidifying action, it helps increase the hydration of the hair, retaining water in the strands.

    How to use it

    1. On clean hair, wash your hair twice and dry it a little bit.
    2. Apply Smooth Blow (respecting 1cm from the root, do not apply on the scalp), leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the hair structure), rinse and blow-dry the hair.
    3. finish the procedure by putting a little of the Unika Neutralizer.

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